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PREMIERE: ZKW at the IAA 2017

The theme for the 2017 IAA is: “Future now”. The key issues of the automotive transformation will be networked and automated driving, electromobility and new mobility concepts for the future.

ZKW will be using this opportunity to actively participate in the IAA as an exhibitor. We will also be discussing “Future now” to reflect the IAA theme. Our booth covers an area of nearly 170 m2 and is dedicated to “Autonomous driving from the point of view of the light manufacturer”; in the literal sense! On the innovative test stand, we will demonstrate and "illuminate" several scenarios involving autonomous driving and the future role of light. The interactive and practical participation of the visitors will make this experience tangible and easy to understand.

We will be exploring the basic question: if vehicles will be driving autonomously and an active driver is no longer needed, will we still require traditional headlights in the future? The idea is to show what function lights will perform in the mobility designs and concepts of the future.

We look forward to seeing you at our booth!

Hall 6.0 - Booth A32

Our theme:
"Autonomous driving from the point of view of the light manufacturer!"