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Prerequisites and Formalities

Before the ZKW Group may begin to work with new partners, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • The new supplier registers under Become a Supplier – Registration.
  • The new supplier establishes an Initial User account after receiving access information by email.
  • The new supplier provides the Initial User with the completed Self-Assessment Questionnaire.
  • The new supplier provides quality management certification - minimum requirement ISO 9001. An environmental certification (ISO 14001) is also necessary. The supplier has to develop his quality management system after the requirements of TS16949.
  • The new supplier sends ZKW informative material about the company (brochures, presentations, references).
  • The new supplier agrees to ZKW’s purchasing terms and conditions as well as the ZKW contract standards; furthermore the supplier agrees to quality, warranty, and other ZKW guidelines. Finally, the supplier demonstrates that it holds liability insurance.

ZKW will organize a site visit to the new supplier’s location and will prepare an assessment. You can find the documents required for this in


Become a supplier

We ask new suppliers to register and provide some basic information about their company and product portfolio.



Suppliers Portal - Help 


Flowchart registration 


Instructions for tenders