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Transparent Cooperation

Increased competition and ever shorter product cycles has made it all the more important to pull together. Only those who can count on a well-developed and effective network of partners will continue to meet with success. And that’s not easy when the goal is to rank among the best.

The ZKW Group is committed to a zero-tolerance perspective: we offer our customers flawless products of the best possible quality at competitive prices. These are also the criteria by which we want and need to make our own purchases. This requires open, honest, and trustworthy communication with our suppliers. That’s because our promise to our customers, to assist them in improving their own productivity and competitive edge, can only be realized with the best possible partners.


purchasingThe ZKW Group’s purchasing strategy is an important component of the company’s planning initiatives. 
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Lieferanten_Visual_257x101Current or new suppliers and partners can find all of the necessary documentation and details here.
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