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About the location:

ZKW-Elektronik GmbH was established in 2012/2013 at the technology park in Wiener Neustadt, directly next to the University of Applied Science and the TFZ (technology and research center). Its strategic focus is on innovative product and process development of electronic components for the lighting locations of the ZKW Group.


A production hall (3,500m²), a connected office building (800m²) and auxiliary buildings were constructed on a property of 15,000m². About 200 employees will be occupied here.


The site is distinguished by the following features:

•    Clean room conditions (six air changes per hour; coarse and fine filters)
•    Automatic humidification
•    ESD floor (conductive floor)
•    Air conditioning and district heating
•    Central air purification
•    Central nitrogen supply
•    Shortest paths from product and process development to manufacturing

Manufacturing technologies:

State-of-the-art equipment for manufacturing assembled circuit boards and assembled light engines (optical modules). A very high degree of automation, systems that are perfectly matched to our requirements and customized (patent pending) processes make all the difference. Our expertise in lighting technology and the associated manufacturing processes round off our competencies.

In the assembly area, the following are used:

•    Camera-assisted, precise assembly, joining and bonding techniques with automatic optical inspection
•    Automated soldering processes including inspection
•    Automated EOL (end of line) tests

In the circuit board assembly area, the following are used:

•    SMT (Surface Mount Technology) with patent-pending processes for high-precision LED placement
•   State-of-the-art AOI equipment and in-line X-ray
•    Highly automated ICT, depanelization and palletizing processes

The product portfolio includes:

•    Assembled circuit boards with or without light function, for high and highest standards
•    Assembled light engines
•    Other electronic components