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It’s the intrinsic values that are essential

LED, the technology of tomorrow, is already here. A lighting technology that makes innovative applications possible, it also puts new, higher demands on electronics. To maintain its leadership position in this field, ZKW is growing from a systems integrator into a systems producer.

ZKW Elektronik GmbH commenced operations in Wiener Neustadt in 2013. It develops electronic components and manufactures the corresponding modules as an autonomous and marketable organization.

ZKW Elektronik GmbH brings together know-how and provides cost-effective solutions. In this way we are playing a decisive role in the shape that the rapidly growing market for LED and halogen-LED hybrids is taking.


We are driving innovation with miniature lasers, microelectromechanical systems, organic light-emitting diodes, as well as special LED configurations. more >


The development of analog circuits, software for control units, and LED driver topologies takes place within the ZKW Group more >