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Driving technology forward

Improving on what is already good, letting light shine in the dark. Illuminating the road in order to increase safety. Light is not always just light. Light is also technology that builds on innovation. One of ZKW's primary aims is therefore to be able to already recognize today those technologies which will be used in the coming generations of vehicles.

Such as light-emitting diodes. As a source of lighting, LEDs can now be found everywhere, are used for illuminating keyboards and roads, and can be found ever more frequently in automobiles. Compared with traditional sources of light such as halogen or xenon, LEDs however have totally different features and therefore require new ways of thinking in the realms of lighting technology, mechanics, electronics, heat management, and processing and production techniques.

We are confident in taking on these challenges. For ZKW, innovation also means developing the know-how required to ensure the ability to employ new technologies throughout the entire product range.

How does the customer benefit? Improved lighting quality makes it easier to see and to be seen, while the distribution of light according to the respective driving conditions helps make you safe. New types of optical modules also allow for exclusive design features; their long life expectancy saves time and costs, and reduced energy consumption helps protect the environment.

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